Customer Relationships Matter

Hart customers continue to express their overall satisfaction and willingness to refer others to Hart for business year after year. Our customer satisfaction rating is vital to our success and it is something we work rigorously to improve upon. At Hart we are invested in the future of elections. Our goal is to be the best election provider in America, and that means having the best customer service.

Our customers take the time to tell us what we’re doing right.

“Staying in touch with customers through emails, newsletters and drop-in visits is what Hart is doing right!”

“Customer service is still #1 – I trust the Hart company will have our best interest and ideas in mind.”

“Keeping  in touch with customers means a lot.”

“Staying on the cutting edge…Quick responses to take care of customer needs at all times; very personable.”

 “One of the things Hart does best is respond to its customers, and this year is no different – keep it up.”

For 8 years in a row, our customer satisfaction rating is over 90%.